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Friday, 18 October 2013

Jack and Diane

I sense a theme emerging.

I fall in love with fictional characters easily. And typically without good judgement. I get so swept up in a good romance that, at the end of a book, I find myself liking characters and couples that I'd likely hate if I met them on the street. But there are some couples that really, really work. Even after the book is over. Couples that make you believe in honest-to-goodness-head-over-heels romance. When I began Unbound, one of my goals was to create a couple that I could fall in love with. I think Eaden and Rachel embody some of what I find so appealing in other twosomes (and I hope you do too). Below is my list of favourite couples, drawn from books, movies, and television. Let me know who would be on your list.

1. Claire and Jamie - Outlander
When I read Outlander for the first time, I could not get enough of these two. I loved how feisty Clare was and how their relationship unfolded. No insta-love in this relationship. I also liked how brawny and gruff Jamie was, and at the same time, how he could be so loyal to his family and those he cared for. I liked how you could like him, even though he was a d-ck sometimes.

2. Henry and Claire - The Time Traveller's Wife
Have I mentioned how much I loved this book? Like really, a lot. The last time I was in Chicago I walked around the city imagining I was Clare, trying to find Henry. Something about their relationship was so genuine, perhaps because they knew so many parts of the other person, over time. Their whole darn relationship made me swoon.

3. Buffy and Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Back before DVR and Tivo and apple TV there was this thing called VHS. And I would lose my sh*t if my VHS did not properly record Buffy, because even if I was home to watch the latest episode, I needed to rewind many times to savour my favourite Buffy moments. And most of them, right up until the bitter end, had to do with Angel. It was all about the angst.

4. Angela and Jordan Catalano (because you have to say both his first and last name, every time) - My So Called Life
Oh, Angela. I could so relate to her awkwardness and uncertainty about who she was, or wanted to be, as well as her all consuming obsession with Jordan Catalano. That was me. Exactly. And the guy, just as much of a loser. And I loved him still.

5. Romeo and Juliet - Romeo and  Juliet.
My first real experience with Shakespeare was reading Romeo and Juliet. I think it set the stage for my love affair with tragedy (also see #4). And both versions of the movie (Zeffirelli and Lurhman) reduced me to a snotty, blubbering mess.

6. Veronica and and Logan Echolls - Veronica Mars
I came late to the Veronica Mars party, but damn, I love her. And him. Which is awesome because I never saw it coming. I hated Logan Echolls for most of season one, and then one day I realized I didn't hate him quite as much. And then, just like Veronica, I started to see him in a different, very exciting, way. And together, they were hot. Their break up never rang true to me. I'm hoping the movie addresses this.

7. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries
If you are a TVD fan, you already know. Chemistry, baby. They have it in spades. Pretty sure they are the world's hottest fictional couple.

8. Arwen and Aragorn - LOTR
I read LOTR for the first time at a very young age. Before I really understood what romance was, or why anyone would  care. But I still remember my heart pounding during Arwen and Aragorn's few scenes together. The idea that destiny and responsibility could so control a relationship overwhelmed my formative mind. It's just seemed so epic (also see #6 for best use of this word).

9. Penryn and Raffe - Angelfall
My newest, most favourite couple. Penryn rocks. She kicks ass in so many ways I just can't count them. And although Raffe is playing his cards close to his chest, you just know he's so into her. And I can see all the qualities I love beginning to emerge in their relationship (integrity, passion, loyalty). Can't wait for The World After!

10. Edward and Bella - Twilight
I know. I hate myself, okay? But if I'm truly honest and ignore that part of me that wants to completely dissociate myself from Twihards, I did love Bella and Edward. Before the movies, before Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and the media sh-t storm that surrounded them, I loved them. There, I said it. 

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