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Friday, 27 December 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

I know. I know. You don't care. And everybody talks about resolutions at this time of the year and few people really follow through. Still, I'm a traditionalist and it doesn't feel right to head into 2014 without having set a few goals for myself.

1. Watch Dr. Who: I was a big Dr. Who fan as a child. When I was about ten years old I wrote letters to the president of the UK Dr. Who fan club. He sent me a recording of the new Dr. Who theme song and for awhile, we talked plot twists, new doctors, and Daleks. However, despite strong endorsements from people I know, I just haven't gotten around to watching the new series. Until now. 2014 will be my year of the Doctor.

2. Read more books: I always wish there was more time to read. While at work I fantasize about being at home, reading. And then while at home, after the wee one is in bed, I catch myself checking Facebook, or emails, or fiddling about on the internet. This year I'm going to work really hard to skip over the pretend productivity I engage in on my laptop and head straight for what I really want to do. Which is read (but also see #1 and #3).

3. Finish Unknown: I started Unknown shortly after I finished writing Unbound. I just couldn't get Rachel and Eaden out of my head. And Unknown kept writing itself when I was trying to sleep, or drive or run. But life has interfered several times since then and it remains half-formed. Now that Unbound is out in the world, I'm going to finish Unknown with a goal to publish it in 2014. I'm also hoping my dear friend will edit again while she's still on maternity leave.

4. Write every day: I'm hoping that #3 will be be a big part of this particular resolution, but my writing hiatus after my son was born has left me feeling a bit rusty when it comes to word retrieval. And I'm starting to imagine a future where writing is as much a part of my life as my other job, the one I actually get paid for. I can't tell you how exciting it is to imagine that this is only the beginning.

5. Practice acceptance: I can be very hard on myself. It has taken me years to realize that this isn't a good thing. And sending Unbound out to be judged by the world has done nothing to diminish my inner critic. Instead, my inner critic nods sagely at negative reviews as if to say, "See? I TOLD you it was rubbish." So in 2014 I am committed to letting Unbound be exactly what it is to whomever stumbles across it and to stop imagining I have any control over what others think of it, and by extension, me.

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