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Monday 10 November 2014

Sick Muse*

Yep. Another week, another round of 99 words with Charli Mills. This week's prompt is a story inspired by a muse (yours? mine? ours?). Head over to Carrot Ranch Communications to see the many awesome contributions by the Congress of Rough Writers

Each morning she vowed that it was the last time. Swearing to herself and whatever deity she decided might be listening that day, she created elaborate rules and rituals to keep thoughts of him away. To keep the memories of his hands and his eyes and his warm, rich voice out of her head, away from her heart. And each night, her chest heavy with defeat, she succumbed. Picking up the pen, she hunched over her notebook, fingers smeared blue with ink and face smeared wet with tears. It was the only damn way she knew to fall asleep.  

*thanks to Metric for the title. Great song. Great album. 


  1. Love this. Are you keeping these somewhere? You should have a compilation of your flash somewhere. Good to see you flashing again. :-D

  2. Thanks Sarah. No, not keeping them anywhere…yet. Good idea though. And yes, I love to flash in good company :)

  3. Wonderful flash, woeful muse! The longing, the denying, it's the perfect tension for romance. So good to have your company this week!

    1. Thanks Charli. I'm glad to be in such good company too.