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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

No Water

My most recent Carrot Ranch Communications entry for the 99 word flash fiction challenge. Happy to be one of the Congress of Rough Writers. Once again, I owe this entry to Sarah Brentyn who gave me the idea. 

The glass felt heavy in her hands; a welcome weight in contrast to her racing thoughts. Inhaling, she felt her heartbeat slow. Amber and toffee and a dash of pepper invaded her senses with nostalgia. Every breath reminding her of his warm, rich voice, his large hands showing her how to tie her shoes and catch tadpoles. Hands that had tucked her in each night with a kiss and prayer to a god he didn’t believe in. “No water,” he’d said. “If you want to experience something, don’t dilute it, dive in.” She drank the scotch in his memory.


  1. Cheers! ;-)

    I might have given you an idea but you developed it into something amazing. The thing about 99 word flash is that you can't pick out a sentence (or two) that you adore because the author has only written enough for you to adore every line.

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I'm going to have monogrammed pom-poms made for all the cheering you do. Much appreciated.