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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Day Six: 99 Words

Another Carrot Ranch contribution. This week's prompt is rare gems. Surprise, surprise - I'm writing about romantic angst. 

And on the sixth day of flashing, here is what I wrote: 


She’d found the picture the other day. Rummaging through the box that held keepsakes she mostly forgot were important. She’d studied it for a moment and then tucked it into the pocket of her jeans.
But later, when the kids were in bed and her husband was watching the game, she poured herself a glass of wine and held it gently between her fingers.
His smile.
The way her hair had curled gently around her ears.
His hand resting on her elbow.
The look in her eyes. Excitement. Anticipation.
She exhaled and carefully tore it up into tiny pieces. 

1 comment:

  1. Funny how we create keepsake boxes, believing the contents are so vital. Then one day, we realize how far beyond what was on important and it is best forgotten. Your flash tells that story so poignantly.