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Monday, 5 October 2015

Home Part One

It's been awhile, blog friends. I'm working on getting back to writing on a regular basis. No better way to get my writing muscles warmed up than engaging in a little Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction. Each week, the wonderful Chari Mills posts a writing prompt for 99 words (no more, no less). Be sure to check out the wonderful contributions from the other Rough Writers. This week's prompt? Coming home. 


She held the real estate flyer and looked around the front hall. The pictures were awful. Jewel toned carpets and floral patterned couches. Her mother’s decorating sense stuck firmly in a previous decade. But the house smelled just as she remembered it; a blend of potpourri and Sunday dinner. Comfort food and pretty vases filled with coloured wood chips. So long ago, she had left without looking back. Stormed down the steps determined to show the world she could be something different than what she had come from. She had learned since then you could never leave home behind.


  1. Great flexing of your writing muscles! This flash is detailed and moving.

  2. Thanks, Charli. They feel a bit stiff...