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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Distraction from Distraction

This week's challenge was to write about vices. Given that I have so many, I'm surprised that this was harder for me to write about than some of the other prompts lately. But I like the idea that vices are really just coping strategies. And that vices are not just things, but people. 

She didn’t know how it started. And after awhile she stopped caring. All she knew was that she needed it far more than she ever thought she would. 

Near the end of the day, her thoughts wandered eagerly towards the distraction, and gently, she prodded them back to the present. 

Until the dishes were dried and put away. And the floor was swept. 

Then she poured herself that first drink and did what she’d been waiting to do all day. 

Closed her eyes. Thought about his hands. His words. The broad muscles in his back. His smile. His smell.

This week's 99 word prompt can be found over at Carrot Ranch Communications.


  1. Nice! Love it. Great twist. I love all the different vices people have come up with instead of the usual suspects. I'll be glad to see your flash at the ranch this week, too.

  2. People can be vices, too, but I tend to accept the thinking that vices are coping strategies and it is the judgement of others that that how one copes is by vice. I'm glad to see that push between the topics so that we can thoroughly look at it. Thanks for your contribution!